Prime Railway Services has been supplying Railcar Doors and Components to Rail Yard locations for more than two decades.  We provide "Just In Time" delivery to meet your needs and to reduce your inventory costs.


Prime Railway Services offers EDI which makes doing business faster, more efficient and more effective.  When Prime Railway Service promises delivery -- We Mean It.


We provide the ultimate in Customer Service and the Best in Quality Products.






Prime Railway Services is committed to providing quality and service which not only meets but exceeds our Customer's expectations.  Through TEAMWORK we will continually strive to improve customer service and provide a safe working environment for all employees.




A preferred business partner who provides quality products and services at a competitive price.




Provide quality products and services

Progressive leadership through Teamwork

Sales growth

Recognition for achievement

Listen - be open minded



Health & Safety

Positive attitude towards work and workplace safety

Commitment to strive for the well being of all employees and their families



Integrity - trust - honesty - reliability

We earn and maintain trust of our customers and employees by delivering on our commitments



We treat each other with respect and dignity.  We support an open and honest environment where differences are valued.  Consideration for people and their well being.



Leadership through Teamwork - achieving success through working effectively

We achieve co-operation and sense of team pride through open communication and shared objectives.



Improvement and Innovation

Encouraging new ideas and continuous improvement.

We encourage new ideas, learning, and initiative and creativity and commitment to performance standards.





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